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I think I am biplar. My whole life I have been very moody. Some days I will feel like my life is so so great. I feel on top of the world. Other days I feel like crying for absolutely no reason and am so depressed. On the days I feel good I am so happy, I talk and talk; I think I drive my husband crazy. On bad days I am extremely irritable, very easy to anger, and I hate my life. It is so hard to be so happy one day and feel so bad the next.

I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety disorder about a six months ago. I was put on prozac...but I went off because my husband said I was crazy & to take my meds. Then I felt bad again and they put me on Paxil. I really don't think it made me feel any better and I abruptly went off again. I just don't know what I should do. I have thought about suicide but I don't think I would really do it. But sometimes I yell and get really angry with my kids and don't know if I can control myself. But other days I feel great, so great...and I love my kids. I do have two step kids with autism and one has epilepsy. Then I have two kids of my own that are normal. They are all under 5 years old. So I do have a lot to be stressed out about.

But I have been this way my whole life. I can remember feeling this way when I was 9 years old. I have high high ups, and the next day low low lows. My dad and grandfather is the same way...but everyone just thinks their moody. I don't think so...

What should I do. Should I be on meds???? Or am I just fooling myself that I can control it. :confused:
If you're Bipolar you can't just control it. You won't be able to just maintain. Bipolar Disorder is a chemical inbalance in the brian. You brain over produces endorphins one day or one minute and under produces them the next. The same with seritonin and dopamine. All thing that make us feel good are either being overproduced or underproduced. The only way to control the mood swings is to be on meds and the have a heathy diet. Prozac is good for the depression and the rage. Paxil isn't very effective. You need to be on a mood stabalizer. Ask you doctor to run the test on you to test for Bipolar disorder so you can be treated for the right illness. Its a simple 100 question yes no and how often test.
And relax. Once your doctor figured out your bipolar and your meds start working things even out.
I go though the same thing. I was diagnosed with Depressiona and Anxiety back in November and they put me on Prozac and Trazadone (I have sleeping problems as well). I don't take the Prozac anymore (my doctor doesn't know), because I've always felt that they weren't working. I tried telling my therapst that I think I might be bi polar, and she told me I shouldn't worry about it. I thought she was supposed to help me?

But I was going to talk to my doctor about it, but last time I saw him I was in a hurry because i needed to be back in schoola t a certain time for the pep rally, and so I didn't get to talk to him about it.

I think I have more of a Borderline Personality though, but I might even have somehitng like rapid cycling bipolar or something.

But what I'm trying to say is thaty you should tlak to your doctor about it. I don't know how your doctor is, but I know mine listens and trys to work it out with me (unlike my therapist). I think it's good that your trying to find out whats wrong and that your looking things up. Just talk to your doctor. You'll feel much better knowing whats wrong unlike me, who has to wonder if i has this or that.

Also, you can try calling the Nation Boys and Girls Town Nation Hotline. I know my friend has benifited from calling there many times. If you need need someonme to talk to, you can always call there.

Sorry this is so long, and excuse my spelling errors. I type really fast and I can't help it.

Good Luck!