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I just had to respond to this. If your thyroid doesn't work right, it WILL affect your emotions as well as your whole body. anti-d's usually don't work well for people with thyroid problems. If I were a doctor, I would reccomend getting your FREE t3 and FREE t4 straightened out first and then go from there.

I was on Xanax and Prozac before getting my hypo dx. Neither of those meds did ANYTHING for me. Well, the Prozac DID take away my severe menstrual cramping. But I stayed depressed until I was on thyroid meds for a while. then, because of insurance reasons, I went off my levothyroxine for a while. And BAM! The depression came back.

Get your FREE t3 and FREE t4 as well as antibodies checked. Take care of that thyroid. I have a hunch that the rest will fall into place.

Good luck!