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I have already been on Paxil, Zoloft, and Effexor in the past. It was horrible weaning off Effexor a couple months ago, but I survived, and felt really good - really normal - for a month or so - then my anixety came crashing in on me. My acid reflux has been off the charts - and even more, I've been having "morning sickness" (not pregnant) I think because I've been dreading going to work - lots of things at work have been making me very anxious and upset - just the stuff going on -

Anyway, I saw a gastroenterologist for my acid reflux issues at my allergist's insistence and he thought I ought to try the generic of Prozac just to see what happens. Effexor GAVE me panic attacks, Zoloft didn't seem to do anything for my anxiety, but I really liked Paxil (but it made me gain weight). Should I try the Prozac? Are there effects on the thyroid (it seems very slugglish at times, but my doctors will not believe it)?

I know what I am perhaps getting into in terms of eventual withdrawal if it is at all similar to the others. I have tried 5htp - but it tends to put me to sleep, so I've only been taking it at times at night in the last two months to allow my mind to rest. I am anxious about everything again - even silly little things that I know I shouldn't really be worrying about.
I have been dealing with anxiety for the past year and a half. My family doctor prescribed Prozac to me and at first it helped a little, cause i was also dealing with depression. But as time has gone on, my anxiety has gotten worse. I had irrational fears of everything and a constant feeling of dread and worry. I was also developing obsessive compulsive behaviors and suicidal thoughts. My doctor has taken me off of the Prozac for those reasons and I've been off of it for about a month now and I'm already starting to feel somewhat better. I still have anxiety issues, but they are no where near as intense as what I felt while on the Prozac. So, I would strongly suggest discussing with your doctor in depth on how Prozac can affect you. I've heard that it is different for everyone, so I would really discuss with him how he feel it could affect you and all of the side affects, etc.
Thanks for answering me. I did decide to try to Prozac. Wow, I could tell the difference within two days. People around me could tell the difference, too. I also was a lot more productive at work. I still think that after a couple weeks now, that it is still effective. I don't feel half as anxious as I was feeling. However, my heart seems to be beating a little faster in general, and I am losing weight at an incredible rate - 15 pounds since I started taking it. Although, also in that time I have cut out almost all sugar/corn syrup items from my diet also at my gastroenterologist's suggestion (and it has made a difference with my acid reflux, big time). I have never lost weight this easily or quickly - few of my clothes actually fit me well now - even some that I only got in March. All of my pairs of pants look like they are going to drop off of me at any moment. I guess I need to go shopping.

Should I worry about this weight loss? (I'm pretty sure it has to be prozac-related) I don't have to worry about side effects on my gall bladder - because I don't have it anymore anyway.