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I feel empathy for any women with BPD. I know it's a struggle for many of you to even get through the day, much less maintain a job or a decent relationship with a man. My bpd daughter is 36, and has not been doing well at all in the past year. She won't go and get the help that she needs. I pay for her health care, so she has access to doctors, psychiatrists or psychologists. For reasons that I don't understand, she seems unable to make appointments and then keep them. She says there is nothing that a doc or a shrink can do. She has been on a couple of different Prozac type meds over the years, but they don't seem to help her. She recently lost her job. Then her verbally abusive boyfriend finally dumped her. Now she has started having panic attacks and is afraid to drive her car or go anywhere. I'm so worried. I wonder if she will ever have any happiness in her life?