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i had responded to another thread in here about how well i was feeling being off of prozac. but, it seems i've taken a turn for the worse. since i've stopped taking it, i went from feeling well for a couple of days, and now my obsessive compulsiveness has become out of control. i'm stressed about everything and i don't want to be around people, i'm extrememly paranoid about everything, and i've begun having some very harsh, angry feelings toward everyone. i don't want to start taking the prozac again cause i wasnt doing very well while on it, but i was wondering if anyone else has had any similar side effects from prozac or post-prozac behavior such as this. thanks
Did you taper off the Prozac, or quit cold turkey? My girlfriend was on it and had the same after effects you describe when she quit it cold turkey. Her pharmacist told her that when you decide to quit these types of drugs, you have to taper off very slowly.
Good luck to you.