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Hello everyone, please bare with me because i am very angry.

I went to the endocrinologist today so i can get my thyroid test. I told the doctor a list of symptoms I had including:

joint pain
heart palpatations
itchy skin
inability to lose weight regardless of what i do
heat intolerance
lack of sex drive
sleeping disturbances
fatigue (i get pooped very easily)

I told her that I had been to doctors in the past whom couldn't find much of anything over the past 15 years and they all send me to psychiatrist.

She said "wells whats wrong with that?!" in a very sarcastic voice. I said nothing is wrong with it, but im not depressed all the time, most of the time im fine mentally, I just feel like crap physically and the physical pains bring on the depression. I told her that I explained that to several doctors, who convinced me i was depressed and went through three years of antidepressants which did nothing for me but cause more problems, not to mention bad withdrawal problems. I then told her what I eat, now mind you, yes there are a lot of carbs on the list of foods I eat, but there not bad carbs, I don't consume a lot during the day, because I simply can't I have a lot of digestive problems which limits how much I can eat and what I can eat. But she read "bread, soy milk, baked lays, slice of bread" and said, well I can tell you are not losing weight, you are eating too many carbs. I said to her, I don't eat all of those things on that list every day, but on the list that's all im a loud to eat due to my stomach problem. This is the list of foods i can tolerate and choose from:


turkey bacon
two eggs
cereal (whole grain, dates, fiber cereals)
soy milk
orange juice


grilled chicken salad
tuna fish salad (or salad sandwich)
chicken salad
grilled vegetables
slice of whole grain bread
bean soup


baked chicken with skin off
broiled fish
green veggies (starch free)
slice of whole wheat bread
spaghetti with turkey meat
soup (non creamy kind)


yogurt (plain low fat)
baked lays
butter free lowfat popcorn
dried fruit
fructose, white flour, sugar free cookies from health food store


orange juice
apple juice (limited)

This is basically what i broke down to her and she said im not eating right

Then to top it all off, she wrote me a prescription for prozac, telling me im depressed even though the last psychiatrist I went to, took me off antidepressants to see how I would be without them and after months of evaluation, he didn't see any signs of depression. Then said to me, if you lose weight, you won't have the pains. Even though I told her, I have been having pains even before I gained the weight. I gained the weight because i can't move much, and i just gained weight too easily.

All she talked about was "you are depressed", depressed depressed, is her favorite word. She doesn't listen, and i refuse to go back to her, nor am i getting on no freakin prozac. She hasn't even gotten the test results for my thyroid yet, so how do you know whats wrong with me!!!!!!!!!!!!! And she is not a psychiatrist!!!!!!!!!!!

im offended, pissed and tired.
thank you all for such warm responses, and sorry its taken me so long to respond, but after yesterday I was so upset I just curled up in my room. I feel insulted because she was so rude, and this is the not the first doctor ive been to who has been rude and doesn't listen.

depressed? well of course, anyone would be depressed if they are in pain every day. then she further insulted me and said, "if you take the prozac, you'll lose the weight, then you won't have the pain". Now mind you I told her, I've been having this pain even before I gained all of this weight. And I said I wanted my thyroid checked, and she said in a sort of lazy, i won't feel like dealing with you way "okay, i'll check it". I even asked her to check my adrenal glands, and she said "well i don't see any reason for that".

If you don't suffer with depression, these doctors will certain cause you to.

I was given a number to a new endo doctor here in Maryland from a friend of my mothers who suffers with chronic diabetes and she has always said he is a very good doctor because he is determinded to get to the bottom of things and find out whats wrong and if he can't find anything he will keep trying and refer you to friends of his who are just as thorough as he is.

I agree about the holistic remedy. if they find out something is wrong, I would prefer to take more natural approaches, but the goal is, to feel better, cause i feel like crap.

I was placed on prednisone a few weeks ago for a sinus infection and I hadn't felt that good since high school, but im no longer on them, so Im back to square one.

Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.