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Hey again,

That family stuff is tough. You could always try moving thousands of miles away, although my mom still gets on her cell phone and drives me crazy pretty often, but It's still better than it was when she lived 10 minutes away. I know what you mean about family being completely clueless about our illness, and then at the same time trying to give advice about something when they have no clue what their talking about. It happens to be a pet pieve of mine, also.

I have learned not to expect any support from my family, I've never really had it, so that's a no brainer. They mean well, of course, but they're never going to change, and they drive me crazy, and that's just how it is, you know?

You don't necessarily have to write your family off as toxic, just keep boundaries up where they're concerned, and lean on others who understand the things you're going through for the support you need.

I just try and focus on what I DO have instead of what I don't. Now here I go with that positive attitude stuff. It really can be helpful, but depression isn't that simple, like you said, if you would have told me to think positive when I was depressed, I would tell you to go get lost (or something along those lines). ;) I can't even stand to be around anyone in a good mood when I feel that way.

Have you ever thought of adding a AD like prozac to your mix? I don't know how it would work for you, but I feel a thousand times better myself.

Come and vent whenever you need to, I will listen, and be here for you, Ok?