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:bouncing: I haven't seen any questions or answers quite like this so here goes. My question is : After stopping an ad such as paxil, does anyone have any info on how long it takes to get your metabolism going again? I firmly believe that being on prozac for a year, and then on paxil for 2 months has done something very detrimental to my metabolism. I have never had a problem with weight, and now I can't get rid of it at all, not even 2 lbs. Anyone who has any answers such as their experience with weight loss after an ad please share.
Its been over two years since I've been on Prozac and Paxil and 30lbs later. I've had a terrible time shedding these pounds and I still am. When I was on the medication all I could do is sleep. I stopped working out and dieting and BAM! 20lbs in a matter of two months. Anyways, 6 months later I began working out again but had a hard time shedding the pounds, my weight didn't increase but I also didn't lose any. Recently, I started doing 45 minutes of intense cardio and 30 minutes of weight lifting. I'm not on a dient but I try to be healthy in what I eat, while not very strict. So far I've shed down 10lbs in around 3 months, its been tough. Just don't surrender to the sweets and carb cravings! =] Stay strong and good luck!