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Hello... I've been suffering over the last 4 years with what i believe is purely obsessional ocd and constant anxiety. I obsess mostly over something like my breathing... something that is constantly present that i can focus on. The fear is that I won't be able to lose focus of it once i become aware of it. since i don't have control over when i'll be able to lose focus of it, and because of the importance i've associated with it, i end up being focused on it or other thoughts most of the day. I'll try working on something and the entire time my focus will be preoccupied with either the breathing or other constants or simply anxiety. I'll try watching tv and become obsessively focused on something next to the tv and get anxious that my full attention isn't on what i'm trying to watch.

i've been on paxil, lexapro, and effexor with little effect on my ocd... all they really did was lower a bit of the anxiety, which did little for me overall. I am currently on risperdal (6 weeks) and wellbutrin (2 weeks). I've been doing research online, and I see that risperdal supposedly helps with ocd at lower dosages. it doesn't seem to be helping me now. I've also read that most of what i've taken so far besides risperdal doesn't really do much for ocd. anafranil, prozac, zoloft, and nardil seem to be recommended.

could anyone tell me of their experiences on any of these drugs concerning ocd and if what i have is in fact ocd?