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Quote from rmc12:

I smiled when you said :
"Well perimeno will bring back those symptoms again. Joy! Isn't it? One of these days will be able to lock up the perimeno diary"

I HOPE SO!! LOL!! Right now I am having the gas issue that we all had last year when we were posting to each other, and it seems to be more so when my period is due. I think you said once that it is like gassiness that is "all over the place"...above your navel, below , and it is annoying more than anything. I know a lot of us get it and I shouldn't get anxious about it but at times it makes me that way which is also the anxiety issue that has come back a bit from last year.

It is not as bad as last year, any of it but just want to see it all GO and feellike me again!! LOL!!

Hope you are doing better.

Take care,


YOu know i don't want to push drugs here, but when my gyne gave me the prozac she said it would help alot the irritable bowel syndrome that peri can aggravate or bring upon us. she was right. it stopped. yeah, i still get the diarrhea or the gas invasion before and after my period. LOL And I am with you on feeling like yourself again. geeezzzzzzzzz, will we ever?