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well its only been 4-5 weeks so give it a bit longer, it takes a while for the meds to begin working properly. i know when i went onto prozac i had great weeks then slumps again, it took me a long time to get better, and even then it isnt always permanently, i mean im ok still depressed, the meds wont solve everything, thats up to u deep down inside. the meds just help u cope better. saying that if u dont think the meds are working ask ur doc to change them for u? maybe other ones will work better. PLEASE dont do anything drastic yet with ur husband, wait till ur feeling a bit better to see how u really feel, hell, when i feel depressed i want to curl up and die! my mind is in no clear state to think about anything as serious as relationships! :)

take care and hang in there

Brett :angel: