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I have Health Anxiety, in other words Im a major Hypochondriact! I have had every disease under the sun and just seemed to get over Leukemia fears, well sort of. I still feel something is terribly wrong with me. I am a 29 year old female Im taking 20mg of Prozac and have for about 4 months now. I was diagnosed with OCD and GAD. Yesterday morning I woke up to my eyebrows falling off or so it seems. I have sparse brows as it is, I mean I have enough but loosing a few is not good. NOW I am missing maybe 3-4 hairs in the same area causing a small bald spot. I asked my husband and he laughed and then said but seriously it is noticable. I know this sounds sort of funny but when its on your face then it seems to lose it's humor. I SYMPTOM SURFED and I have only come up with Chemotherapy and Alopicia sp? Im not on Chemo and I don't know a thing about Alopicia. Know one knows what Im talking about and Im feeling so alone right now. Im scared my eyebrow is about to come clean off! I don't know what to do, Im on the verge of a panic attack, I can't stand this. Now I have to go to the doctor cause my eyebrow is coming off? What if I have some horrible disease that is causing this. HELP Im frantic!