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Same story for me---except it took me 15 years of conventional doctoring to find a holistic Dr that didn't think I was crazy. I had every part of my body ct scanned, mri'd, bloodworked, examined, etc. I had prescriptions for xanax, propranalol, zoloft, prozac, prevacid, propulsid, a blood pressure pill, a pill to slow my heartrate down, a pill for this and that, and a pill to help THAT pill. That's a conventional Dr for ya. Give ya a pill for whatever ache and pain you have instead of trying to FIX the problem in the first place. I can't even begin to tell you the things I've been diagnosed with by conventional Drs who are just guessing and used me as a guinea pig for any new drug that was on the market.

Like I posted before---I was told that I had blood and protein in my urine for years and years. I saw 3 specialists about it and I ended up on a blood pressure pill because I was a diabetic according to them and that's what was causing the blood and protein. My holistic Dr did ONE test and said I have low circulation in my kidneys. I'm also not a diabetic. I was put on a kidney supplement and things are fine and dandy. Amazing what a few herbs can do versus a blood pressure pill with 52 side effects.

I might take 40 supplements a day now---but at least I know these pills are getting my body back to normal and not just covering up the problem.

A friend of mine sees my same Dr and has now gone back to nursing school and will graduate next week. Her plans are to sit through all of this "conventional schooling" and then go work for a holisitic Dr where she can do some good in the world. I told her I'd love to work in her office someday---because it really is whole-body healing.

Lydiia---I too have dry eyes (but from Lasik surgery). The surgeon told me to take flax oil capsules 1000 mg twice a day and it has helped me.

Sadfreek's right--the loss of pubic hair isn't so bad---it's just one less place you have to maintain :) Besides thinning of hair (I'm talking on my head now) :) and the loss of eyebrow hair (1/3 of it on the end), I have grey hair problem. I've been grey since I was 21. Not a fun thing. :rolleyes:

Sadfreek--did you know you can do testing of your thyroid by yourself? I mean get the name of a reputable place and mail your own specimens in? I did my Cortisol Saliva test by myself. I had to put a swab of cotton (reminded me of a tampon) HA HA under my tongue 4 times for 1 day and put them into glass vials and mail them out. The results came back to me within a week or so. You can then take those results to your Dr (or a dr that will hopefully help you).

This is a world of non-believers in holistic medicine because it's not normal in our society today. But how do you think medicine was done a gazillion years ago? With herbs. People nowadays are used to getting a pill and feeling better the next day-----supplements take longer to work, but it's a natural remedy. I wish you all could move to PA so we could go on a field trip to my Dr :)