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Hi all,
I was diagnosed when I was 15 with EBV. It is considered recuring. I think any one with this has at one time or another had all the symptoms that are mentioned. It seems like I dont think of the EBV being the cause becase I have had it for so long. All I have accomplished in 20 yrs of this is...treat the symptoms one at a time. This week I have a new med for the migraines. I also take prozac which helps with aome of the symptoms. My daughter calls it my sleeping desiese...cause I hide in my room and sleep. I have been on everything I think...Rest is essential but doesnt always keep the wolf at bay. I didnt think I was strong enough to handle this in my younger days but I did. I had to quit school...go back...go to college...quit that too...and now 20 years later...I have my own business and set my own hours...which means I can sleep in or not work at all that day if I am feeling wasted. Employers (teachers) have a hard time understanding that you may not look sick but you feel like #$%^. Good luke to all