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Your story sounds alot like mine. I was a very healthy woman, in fact, I owned my own fitness studio in the town I live in and also worked part time. At the time this happened I was 33 years old (I am presently 35). I have two great kids (9, 10 yrs of age) and a wonderful husband. I had been feeling badly for a couple of months....weight gain, edema in hands and feet, lethargy, extremely heavey periods, many flus, ringing in ears, brain fog, etc. I had a migraine that lasted five days...after that my pulse raced, I was hot and sweaty, my eyes felt like size ten golf balls in size five sockets, I lost 15 pounds in two weeks...had panic attacks every day...life was not good. My doctor told me she suspected multiple sclerosis and sent me for a myriad of tests, two cat scans, mri, mra...and everything came back normal. Then she told me I had an anxiety problem and put me on prozac. When my hair started to fall out, I thought perhaps this was thyroid. I asked her and she said she tested my tsh a few times, which ranged from .5-4.2. I am being tested for antibodies tomorrow because she found a goiter during a routine exam. I told her for two years that something was wrong with my thyroid, but she would not listen. I live in Canada, and good doctors here are few and far between. I've since been advised by another specialist (neurologist for migraines) that I should be seeing a thyroid specialist because it is not healthy to just "monitor it and see what happens". I am seeing her next week and will ask for a referral. I am so sick of feeling sick....I have no energy and have gained 20 + pounds in the last two years. Thanks for all your replies. I cannot believe how many people are suffering out there needlessly. I'll let you know how it goes.

Michelle ;)