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I think the way they prescribe anti-depressants is criminal. I was on Prozac for several years---and in the beginning it "took the edge off". But after years of taking it, I finally got to the point where I felt like I was "fragmenting"---I almost felt like I was having an "out of body" experience---there was the "physical me", and then there was another "spirit me" about three inches left of center.
I know you're not supposed to quit the stuff cold turkey---but I did, and thank goodness I did. Not too long ago, my sister and I were discussing Prozac---she shared with me that both she and her daughter experienced the same weird effect I had. They quit cold-turkey too. And the weird feeling of "being outside yourself" stopped almost immediately.
Hi guys....

I've been reading these posts and can relate to you all in some way, shape, or form. I have been sick for two years, but have been suffering from thyroid issues since the birth of my son ten years ago. I apparently have hashi's which, as you are aware presents many symptoms. My initial diagnosis was ms, until they put me through a host of tests only to prove otherwise. I've also developed a nodulated goiter. For the last two years my doctors have told me it's all in my head and I suffer from depression/anxiety for which they prescribed prozac. I just weaned myself off in February of this year. I am saddened and angered to see how many women are treated in the same vein. At my last appointment I told my doctor that she can't paint me with the "anxiety/depression" brush because it was just too easy. She's referring me to an endo at my request. She also told me I should not be able to feel my goiter when I told her it chokes me at times. I asked her if she had one...she said "no"....to which I replied "then how would you know whether I should feel it or not?" Needless to say...she had no response. Keep persisting....never give up.....make them listen. That's my new motto. Have a great weekend.