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This was my biggest, biggest issue with perimenopause. OMG, not only did I have the internal shakes and jitters, i had them in my hands, and also had and still get the muscle twitches and eye twitches on and off. I try not to pay attention to them but at times, they are so annoying. I take Prozac and have Xanax when I need it. I haven't take it in a years time but lately I've been so anixious, almost feel like I should take it. I hold off because it can be so addictive. Anyways, 1 year and some months later, I am still a raging on and off peri-baby with periods so off course, sometimes it's not even worth getting one. Also, even after getting one, sometimes my hormones are worse than before I got it. LOL Lately, I've been feeling so on edge and feel trambley occasionally again, hate this feeling, but I just try my hardest to get through it, remind myself it's just the peri, won't die from it although sometimes it feels that way! I have been checked out so many times, I could go in the world's guinness book on having more than enough thyroid tests. I am flying to Germany in August and then to Jordan. God, I haven't even got there yet and I am jittery about that too and use to fly like a winner. Guess I will definitely have to xanax or maybe switch to Ativan for that ordeal. And so is my jittery story.