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I am always feeling like I cant breath, like my throat is closing or something. I sometimes have a hard time taking a deep breath. I am always feeling for my pulse to see how fast or slow it is and then i worry about why it is beating so slow/fast. I get palpatations (which am currently getting tested to make sure everything is OK), I feel like I will colapse and die at any given moment. I think I am addicted to food. I weight 25 pounds more than I did 3 years ago. Its so depressing. Last night I took a half of a .25mg Xanax and started to have a panic attack because I was afraid of how it would make me feel. Eventually I got sleepy and fell asleep but always felt that need to take a deep breath but couldnt. When I am talking I feel like I cant get enough air. I get tingly feeling in my lips and chin and am convinced that I have MS (my mom had MS) or ALS. Sometimes I am afraid that I will choke on my food so I have trouble swallowing it. Tried prozac and a different med (forgot the name) but side effects were bad so I stopped. I have a bottle of Xanax but am afraid to take them most of the time because I am afraid that they will make my heart stop. Sometimes I will notice that I am not breathing...that I am holding my breath without noticing what I am doing. Why am i such a freak?? When will I stop worrying about a pandemic flu outbreak hitting the US and thousands of people dying? When will I stop worrying that I have mad cow disease but its just not showing symptoms yet! I know you all probably dont have any answers for me but I needed to vent a little. I am sorry for sounding so depressing. I need a new brain or something. Anyone know where I can get one?? :eek:
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everything you mention could be from anxiety, but get doc to check for asthma
xanax is a mild gentle med, especially compared with prozac, it can sedate you until your system gets used to it

books on overcoming worry have useful advice that may help you