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Quote from viktik:
Hi Andrea,
YES--the weight has come off in spite of eating and having a good appetite (go figure!) In addition to having all these uncomfortable perimenopause symptoms, I also have a circulatory disorder that I found out about in April. My doctor is so puzzled because I am so small, don't smoke, not diabetic and don't have high blood pressure. Anyway, the other day when I saw him he said the circulation in my legs is good, and that the exercise is paying off. As for the meno symptoms, the "creepy crawly" bugs are running around in my body constantly! Also, I notice in the evenings when I sit down to relax I feel really nervous and anxious. I've always had stomach problems, so that is nothing new to me with peri. Do you have any tips on how to relax when all this stuff is going on? I hope you are feeling well!


Oh Vikki. I was the Queen of anxiety. I have to say that the Prozac I am taking and only 20mg which is the lowest dose really helped me out there. What I can tell you is learn to deep breath, slow deep breaths to relax away anxiety. Anxiety is a real hard one to control until you have mastered the method of not paying attention to it and find your niche on relaxation. I am still all over the place :bouncing: but controllable, lol Really, I was such a mess, a big mess. Natural Progesterone creme helped me too but I took so much of it, I needed a break from it. I'[m with you!

Andrea--my doctor wanted me to take the low dosage of Prozac, but it seemed to bother my stomach. I have always had stomach problems, so some medications are a real stretch for me. My anxiety seems to be worse in the evenings for some reason. I want to get a hold of it so I can feel better. How long will the menopausal state and all these symptoms last? I started some cream for my rash yesterday, so we'll see how it works. Hope you are feeling better!