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I was on 180 mgs for eleven months, havr depression/anxiety due to
MVAccident>haven't been able to produce beta-blockers, nuerotranmitters
that effect serutonin, dopamine and other chemicals that effect mood. Tried all kinds of SSRI's(Seratonine.Sephrarine Reuptake Inhibitors: Zoloft,
Prozac, Paxil and Elavil. Was on elavil for five years, great sleep inducer,
All of a sudden my shrink ( a profession analogous to vodoo, Whereras, vodoo is 'black' magic; psychiatry [ along with speaking in 'tongues'] is 'white' magic.{REMOVED} shrinks are just {REMOVED}of the mega-pharmaceotical industry. Enoug of my poltical spin.) gets this bug up his {REMOVED}to put me on this. and don;t tell you withdrawl is horrible!
Effexor Xr is a great anti-depressan, only, like herion stopping is a frealin'two months of the worst mental torture immaginable, and for God's sake 'taper' off under doctors supervision {REMOVED}
God Bless,
Forget sex or maybe you can penetrate without an erection, and 'brian zaps'
are a barrel of monkeys, along with 'night sweats' and migrains.
And, like I said NEVER. never run out!


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