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So l went to a new Endo today and she says that l have nothing wrong with me, that my results are a little abnoramal. But she thinks that its all related to stress. That l need to either take medication like prozac to chill out or yoga. I dont know what to think about this, can stress cause all these problems and l think my labs look a little more than a little high. I am starting to loose hope.


I fail to understand why so many doctors seem to do all they can to convince patients that there's nothing wrong, just stress, depression, take prozac, stop worrying etc etc... even in the face of VERY abnormal labwork.

Stress can raise your ACTH, but not that much. If normal ACTH is up to 50, stress could get it up to 60 or 70. Stress is NOT going to make it >400 like yours. Besides, stress will have NO effect on testosterone or prolactin, so you need an explanation on why those are abnormal too.

I don't know what to tell you except keep demanding more answers and go to more doctors if that's what it takes.