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Little history: For the past year or so, I started experiencing alot of anxiety (especially health) which led me to many doctor visits to deal with certain issues. I have had 2 pelvic and transvaginal ultrasounds, lots of blood work and a ctscan (to check for kidney stones due to complaint of left sided flank pain). All that was found was ovarian cysts on both ovaries with the largest at the time being 2 cm. Doctors were not concerned. Anyway, off and on throughout the months I have had different aches and pains in my back, flank, hips, pelvic area and abdomen. I have also become way too in tune to my bowel movements that seem to be continually changing in consistency and shape/size. It has come to the point where I actually get nervous beforehand wondering what they will look like (anxiety setting in ).
I also seem to be burping more often (could be extra air from constantly over-breathing) and lots of stomach gurgles and noises, especially early in the morning while lying in bed.
After alot of debate (due to fear) I finally went to see the doctor about all of these more recent issues. His first and strongest instinct was IBS, but since this is a diagnosis of exclusion, he wants to eliminate other possibilities. (I am glad that he is being thorough). He also thinks that I may be perimenopausal even though past hormone blood tests were normal. I actually have many symptoms of perimenopause (hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia).
Well, he is sending me for more complete blood work, a complete abdominal ultrasound and a barium enema. The latter is the one that I am worried about.
Can anyone tell me about this procedure (what to expect, advice, etc...) or share any similar symptoms and diagnosis'. By the way, I am 39, mother of 2 teenagers, no family history of cancer, my mother through meno at 44.
I would really appreciate some feedback. Thanks a bunch for reading!

Hi. Welcome! LOL Let me humor u up a bit coz i was just like you. I saw every doctor I believe that's been created. IBS, sure sounds like it. Is it a part of perimenopause, u bet although you probably had it before but just became prevelant when you began hormonal change. Uhh, during peri, hormones can be normal, so don't just go by that. Progesterone at your age is definitely changing if not really low. You could try a natural progesterone creme. I'm not a doctor, so just making suggestions related to what I used and helped me. Also magnesium helps IBS. Changes in stool can be related to either your diet or diet with IBS or nerves. Could be your fiber too and if you are using fiber, u will definitely see bowel changes. I don't think you have cancer, you would have more than just pain, you would have blood in yoru stool. You can also get blood in your stool from hemmoroids, colitis (spastic colon) and IBS. Even diverticulosis will do this. And yes, you can get flank pain with ovarian cysts. The reason they don't worry about them, coz most cysts are because u ovulated and they just didn't amount to anything. If you had an ovarian disease, well they would have picked that up by now but an ultra sound of the pelvic and uteris would answer alot there. The barium test is easy. The adominal ultra sound is easy. I was all worked up with mine for nothing. You will be juist fine. I understand your health anxiety. When peri hits, it begins to hit hard. Yikes! To me, you sound very perimenopausal. Also, the girgly sound in your stomach and intestines is just water, gas it won't hurt you but is a nuisance. That really sounds like IBS. IBS is not a disease but just a disorder. Some people have it so bad they have to be on meds. Fiber helps alot with this. Also stay away from spicey foods, etc. and alcohol. It will go away, promise. I took aciphex for acid reflex and it seemed to help my IBS. Go figure! When ever I get crazed with hormonal changes, I get IBS or if I am very emotional. Actually, when my gyne told me she was giving me Prozac for my hormonal swings and it would also help my IBS, she was not lieing. It helped tremendously. Good Luck and ask any questions you want here. We are here for you