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I was diagnosed with bipolar, depression, OCD, panic, and depersonalization when I was 16, now 37. I never accepted the diagnosis or took the meds until my early 30's so you can say my life was a real mess for many many years. Anyways, I have been on everything, xanax, klonopin, wellbutrin for anxiety; trazadone, prozac, celexa, effexor for depression; zyprexa, depakote, abilify and now geodon for the depression and paranoia. I loved the abilify as far it gave me energy but I couldn't concentrate on it and nervous. Now I am on geodon and from I am hearing this is not good for depression. I try to consider myself somewhat stable now the mania hardly comes but the depression is always there. I currently take klonopin, depakote, prozac and now geodon. If this med doesn't work I am starting to think nothing is left. Any suggestions to give my dr. to alleviate the depression? Thanks

You and I are pretty aligned. I too learned as a teen and dinied til my 30's!

I have also taken every pill you listed with the exception of prozac and abilify. Geodon was not my cuppa tea. But my reactions to meds are not always expected. [INDENT]Med Story: When i was in the hospital they gave me some Ambien to help me sleep. At about 3 in the morning they had to restrain me. Ambien was like a shot o'pure uncontrolable energy. I did put up a good fight though. It took 4 people to corner me, 3 to carry me and 4 to put the restraints on! [/INDENT]

It is a VERY frustrating process to find the right medicinal cocktail to fit our individual conditions. But don't GIVE UP! Believe me, when they get it right, you will be so relieved. I took Depakote for the longest time and was so frustrated cause NOTHING was better. So they Finally tried lithium, even with my thyroid condition. That's what finally did the trick for me! It keeps me from sliding into those three month depressions sprinkled with manic anger fitz! So...have they tried lithium? If not, Why?

Hang in there Echo! It's worth it!
thanks for the reply good grief. Yeah, denial was great because when I was maniac I felt so good and didn't want it to stop. Now that I am older I think I am more depressive than manic. THe depakote helps but I don't take what is prescribed otherwise I would be a zombie. As far as lithium, I tried it for maybe two days and got real sick. That scared me away from it and now when doc's ask I sorta lie and say I tried it for months and it didn't work. I have just heard real bad stuff about it and didn't want to stick it out. I feel I'm better, I haven't been hospitalized in over 5 years but now it is the depression that just lingers and I just feel so blaah all the time. Can I ask if you take an antidepressant? So far only prozac has helped but it is minimal.