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punkdizzle...my friend, we are in the exact same boat....my disorder started with a freaky panic/anxiety right out of the blue. went to the dr & got klonopin..found out it ran in my family..about 3 months after the first attack, they were happening almost daily. even woke me up outta my sleep. I became more & more scared of everything. BUT, mostly that I was gonna get sick & die!!!! headache..tumor, cold....pneumonia, you probably know what I mean. I lost a lot of weight because I was too anxious to eat. I got food poisoning once & stopped eatting everything except bread & eggs ( no clue why those 2 ) for about 2 months. if i tried to eat anything else, i would panic that i would get sick again & die. my dr put me on prozac & it worked GREAT! after it kicked in, I rarely had a problem. Sometimes my brain would route that direction & then it was like the prozac would redirect it. I was stupid a couple of times & quit my meds b/c I thought i was ok. The last time I quit, I did ok for almost a year. then I found out I really do have something going on in my lungs & the panic set it. but this time, I started having terrible thoughts of hurting my child...She was 1 and a half at the time & I started seeing myself smothering her or throwing her. It scared me so bad that I couldn't do anything. These thoughts just kept repeating over & over. I missed several days of work because I paniced when I left my house...I stopped eatting again...& I constantly had to have someone by my side at all times. finally, a found someone who admitted they've had these types of thoughts & other obsessive thoughts equally scary & they said to relax, it just OCD! They talked me into telling my dr, which I was afraid to do for mainly the most obvious reasons. But, i did tell him. he put me back on the prozac & gave me some xanax to help with the anxiety until the prozac took full affect. he also gave me ambien to help me sleep because all these crazy thoughts were racing through my head & I wasn't sleeping. Thus making the entire thing worse....

enough rambling.....I just wanted you to know that we seem to be in exactly the same boat! I'd be glad to share my stories & even crazy thoughts if you'd like. sometimes it makes me feel better just to know i'm not alone in this fight!!