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Hello all. After reading many posts, ive come to the conclusion that many of my health problems are attributed to my thyroid! I recently had blood tests and the nurse called me at home, stating my thyroid level was high and the dr prescriped synthroid---I didnt get the level. I am taking 25mg a day and have been taking for 3 weeks. About a year and a half ago I gained 40lbs. in 6 months!!!! I was taking Effoxor for my depression and mood swing, my dr. at the time did blood work said my thyroid level was "a little high", but retested in 6-wks she said it was normal, so I thought the Effexor was causing my weight gain..., so she switched me to Prozac.....after taking that for months I didnt like the effects so I switched drs., am now taking Celexa which I had took in the past and now i'm on the Synthroid.. Just wondering if I have went thru this **** for 2 yrs when it could have been my thyroid all along!!!????? My symptos included; IBS, depression, mood swings, weight gain (which never had a problem with), tiredness, restless, went from sleeping too much to insomnia! Any encouragement or advice would be much appreciated. Just want to know if im crazy?