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I know exactly how you feel. I skipped as usual a period or two got it and was worse after my period than before my period. I take Prozac, 20 mg., just curious how much the ladies on the board take in their AD. I think I'm pooping out a bit on it though. Been taking it for a year now. It really helped alot coz I was like you ladies, crying, nervous, anxiety, you name it. And my brother died, that made everything even worse.

Hi Andrea, I take 10 mg of the Lexapro. I just started taking L Tyrosine with it (to try to combat the sexual side afects) and have cut down to 5 mg now. Feel great, by the way. We'll see how it goes. I know you said the Prozac doesn't affect you sexually, and that is great! The lexapro works so well for me, I wish it didn't have that one side affect. sigh..