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Hi Tess

ive been taking Prozac for the last 2 weeks. Why is it that these should make any real difference ? and if they do, how long before they should take effect and how do they take effect ?
The prozac should life the depression a bit...it often takes say 4-10 weeks.

4 mths is not long to have this - you will get better but part of recovery is to stay positive, to cope with it, to believe it will go and to stay as active as you can. The hospital are there to help you - tell them how you feel.

hi all

just to report. i did the flight from uk to Mexico. 15hours all told. I desperately didnt want to do it but i just couldnt avoid it. I was very anxious the whole way. im not feeling any worse which is something. Still the usuAL 24/7 DIZZY. Im on the prozac and just hoping things get better. The strain of all this on my life is still huge and as a person im all over the place. When i look in the mirror i feel an old 32. My mind feels fragile. Hope things are better for the rest of you........