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My OB/GYN suggested we try birth control pills. I tried 2 kinds and had worse PMS and more migraines with both. She then suggested we try Sarafem, but it is the same drug as Prozac and I already knew I couldn't tolerate taking SSRI medications. I've taken all the vitamins and dietary supplements and none ever worked. Now I just count the days on my calendar when I know I'll be suffering and try not to be too hard on myself by doing extra work. I have to have a good night's sleep and I really try to limit caffeine.

About the heart palps...they are harmless. I got them bad a couple years ago and took beta-blockers. I know you don't want to take meds, but there are medical options if you can't find relief for these things. I hope you have an understanding family like I do...I think I act crazy about 2-3 days every month. Good luck.