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yep, i feel like my anxiety is back.
having bad thoughts and whatnot, and just in general feeling like i'm gonna go crazy/lose control.
i had a very good 4 or 5 days which was very encouraging.
i think i know what triggered my anxiety though. in my sociology class in school on tuesday, we watched an oprah special on sex offenders. while i was watching it, i felt ok. didn't have any panic attacks, etc. and i thought - wow, i'm watchign something as gruesome as this, and i'm feeling fine!'
NOT. an hour later i was feeling the anxiety coming back on. i don't feel as bad as i did a week ago - but i still don't feel right and don't want it to be for me how it was a week ago. it was the worst i've ever felt in my life probably.
i'm 17 years old - i see a psych. i saw her yesterday .. i was feeling pretty okay at the time of the visit, so i talked to her about several other things, and mentioned how i had watched the video and it upset me. i don't want to dwell on it. it's disgusting to watch these murders plot out what they're going to do - which was one of the scenes in the show. it bothers me because i think to myself - if someone can be THIS messed up .. what is keeping me or someone else from doing this. while i know the difference between wrong and right and would never harm anyone - i still think about it and sometimes can even picture something bad like that happening to my family and it absolutely sickens me because i know it would never happen.

one of my main questions is .. i know it's not really 'safe' for people who aren't yet adults to be taking meds. but i don't like feeling like these. even a small dosage of SOMETHING would probably help me. are there any suggestions of a med that a 17 year old could take without harsh side effects?

i get worried, because i don't know if i'll ever have to take meds, i hope it never gets to the point where i do - but it makes me sad to see that people try so many different meds and it's just not helping. if trying to help myself without meds and with a psych fails - and i need meds - and meds dont work for me - what will i do :(

my mom's side of the family has a history of mild depression/anxiety. they've taken meds from prozac to cymbalta .. and have successfully recovered. i'm just worried - and it sucks that my anxiety had to be triggered off again.

sorry this was so long
What helps my anxiety is 2,000mg of fish oil capsules daily and st john's wort , 900mg, instead of prozac.
Quote from SusanGene:
What helps my anxiety is 2,000mg of fish oil capsules daily and st john's wort , 900mg, instead of prozac.

where do you get it? what exactly is it, and how does it help?