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I don't know about which birth control would be best...I tried both Ortho-Cyclen and Loestrin. Both made me feel worse than the PMS/PMDD. I felt like I was PMSing the whole month instead of just a week or two. I gave up trying hormones.

My doctor then wanted to put me on Sarafem, but Sarafem is the same as Prozac and I can't stand the side effects of SSRI antidepressants. If the depo-provera hasn't been able to regulate your cycle, maybe you should consider trying Sarafem. Not all people have the bad reactions I do to SSRI's.

I'm so sorry you are going through this. I think we are put in the category of being mentally ill, when there is clearly something hormonally wrong going on. I don't know how old you are. I'm 46 and done having children...I have been considering hysterectomy for another illness I have, but I would welcome the end of my menstruation. It's been hell for years. Good luck!

I'm 21 and have been suffering from this for a year now. I have never done good with SSRI's. When I first went to the doctor he tried to put me on Prozac, Paxil, Lexapro, Effexor and maybe even another. None of them made me feel right, although some of my problems were lessened. I decided to go on birth control becuase i didn't want to take any anti-depressants and there's no way I want to go through another one of my normal periods. But now I sort of feel sick and crazy all the time now becuase of Depo-provera.
I've seen my gynecologist recently and she told me that only about less than 10% of women have symptoms of PMDD, but then again considering how many are undiagnosed, i'm sure there's more. I was actually diagnosed by my therapist as having chronic depression, but I've begged to differ, for the past 2 month i've been exercising religiously and keeping logs of my nutrition and exercise using one of the diet software (I got to say those are really helpful in more ways than i've imagined). It actually helped me to realize that my depression cycle have symptoms that qualifies me exactly as Premenstural dysphoric disorder(PMDD), I usually start to feel down for no apparent reason about 2wks before menstration and it goes away about a day or two after i get my period. My Gynecologist put me on bcp to regulate my hormone but this month around the same time i'm starting to experience the dip in my mood again. So, even though the bcp or any bc method helps to regulate our hormone, i guess sometime the related depression still persist and that's why she told me to take prozac or any antidepressant for those 2wk range, or i can just get the OTC drugs (st. john's wort, a herbal remedy) which also helps with depression. And i guess everyone experience PMDD in a bit of a variety, but bcp and antidepressant in combination should be effective in regulating depression. Hope i'm helpful by sharing my experiences and symptoms.
:) cheers, just remember when there's down, up is soon ahead.