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yeah, this time last year, i was feeling real low and was crying real easy at little things, so my doc prescribed prozac, an after 3 months she said i ought to come off it because at 19 (well i was 18 at the time) i shouldnt have to rely on meds. it made me feel quite happy but i dont remember it making me less anxious.

there are no local groups like that round here.

my doc has set me up with 2 differnt pyscologists in the past, who they both just taught me how to breath properly, didnt find them much help.

ill ask the hospital (or ask my dad to) see if there is a psychiatrist who speicalizes in this to help me.

thanks for your reply hry33
deep slow breathing helped me a lot
most anxiety sufferers are far too sensible to become addicted to valium type meds, IMO they should only be taken as needed

prozac and other antidepressants sometimes help with both depression and anxiety, or sometimes one or the other only or occasionally neither

several different antidepressants may need to be tried to find the help you want

older docs are sometimes less antivalium, stress that you are an anxiety sufferer and not a drug addict who has run out of drugs
yeah, she prescribed me prozac as i may have said somewhere, but i gained like a stone or more which is 14lbs for you amercians lol. but as i said it didnt really help with anxiety.

ive tried everything, i just dont know what to do anymore. ill look into the psychiatrist thing so they can understand how i feel everyday. every day i feel in like a constant panic attack. not nice.