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I haven't decided if I can even remember the days (long ago) that I woke up feeling good, anxious for the day as hard as I try to be positive when I wake up. DREAD coming to work, although thankful for a job, get so tired of the women bickering/back stabbing here (have worked here 28 yrs.), dread going home at night thinking of something to fix to eat, cleaning, cooking, etc. Have a wonderful husband but don't share how I "really" feel to him as he just doesn't get it, have two wonderful grown sons, a beautiful grandson, a wonderful big family and "think" I have a deep faith in God so WHY can't I snap out of this. Get dizzy, ache all over (back, neck, head) jittery just to mention a few symptoms. Am on prozac weekly and zanex as needed ..Get to wondering if the meds along with my vitamins, lipitor, premarin are making me feel this bad !! That's me, always trying to figure out WHY !!!! Have a great week-end (we get Veteran's Day off, God Bless our veterans and all who are serving their/our county this day !) Thanks for reading this and would love to hear from anyone soon.