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I feel so sorry for you. It's pretty obvious (though not proven) that my idiot father has NPD, and the torment that he put my mother and I through for my first twelve years (I'm 18)...Thanks to him, my mother became severely depressed and relies on her daily Lexapro to be her normal self. Thanks to him, my inborn anxious temperament sprouted into OCD-related symptoms seen as early as age 3-4, and full-blown OCD starting at age 12 onwards, and I rely on weekly CBT, daily doses of Klonopin, Prozac, and Lamictal to be myself, and have four therapists I see on a regular basis, not to mention a psychiatrist. Thanks to him, my mother had many years where she felt like a failure as a person/wife because nothing made him happy. Thanks to him, I developed perfectionism early on, having to be the "perfect" daughter, and keep up the family "image" that everyone was so happy and all this other BS. Thanks to him, both my mother and I had overwhelming fears of worthlessness and inferiority that still prevail at times. Thanks a lot- thank God that I wrote him off on my 18th birthday a few months ago, I never have to deal with him again unless he actually changes (like that's ever gonna happen...), and he still has to pay me until I'm 21 b/c I'm in college. I finally feel relief from that, at least, but my OCD, panic attacks, perfectionism, and subconscious fears that dear ol' "Daddy" gave me (along with the genes for possible cyclothymia- I'm convinced that he has some type of bipolar disorder as well as NPD)...Sorry for the bitterness, but I'm actually mostly over him- thanks to EMDR! ;) If you ever want to talk/vent, I'm here. God bless! :angel: