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Hi all and thanks for your responses. I have been trying to keep my self really busy so there is no time for thinking about ' what might happen '

I do think if we try hard we can unlearn this behavior. I tell myself there are certain things I have no control over and it seems to be helping.

I do take Prozac and it seems to help. I make the mistake of stopping it when I feel better and then something will happen and I get all in turmoil again. So...this time I will stay with it.

Do any of you not go to the Dr. when something is hurting or ailing you? I have yet to have fasting blood work for the past two years as I am afraid of them finding something. I also have something going on in my left ear that seems to affect my glands on that side. I have to go in every 3 months to get my birth control shot and the Dr. looked at it in August and saw nothing. But I know my body and there is something going on. It may be nothing more than an infection, but I won't go and see about it. I am due for my shot next week, I guess I should tell her my fears.....