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Quote from salty:
I really need to know. I have this tumor on my uterus and the PMS depression is terrible. I don't know which one to take because I am scared of weight gain AGAIN.

I just lost most of the weight I put on from the Lexapro and it was hard as heck.

Please help and give me your opinions. I only have to take it during the PMS and probably only until the surgeon decides it's time to remove this tumor.

Thank you,


No one can say which medication would be "best" for you. However, Prozac is approved for the treatment of severe PMS disorders (it's marketed under the brand name Sarafem, however, it's made by the same company as Prozac, and chemically identical to Prozac).
Yes, I did AmerianDancer and it made me really sick.

I just don't know which way to turn anymore. I guess all I wanted was a poll of Prozac weight gain and Paxil weight gain and I was gong to decide from there.

I loved Lexapro, but it put 50 pounds of me which I have been struggling to finally get off.

The SSRI's scare me so much for weight gain. They are great for depression though.

I am also on Wellbutrin SR generic, but it doesn't touch the PMS.

Thank you to everyone who responded.


If I had to choose between Paxil and Prozac - I would choose Prozac hands down! Paxil is hard to get off and I think it works in many of the same ways as Lexapro (weight gain, etc)

My hubby started on Prozac about this time last year and he's lost 30lbs without even trying. He said he just really hardly even gets hungry any more! Although it is a SSRI and it can cause sexual side affects just like the others - since you are on WEllbutrin SR - it should counter act that little problem ;)

I was on Lexapro too, and loved it - but I stayed hungry and was gaining weight - so I only stayed on it from March - August. Now I'm on Wellbutrin SR. I was on the XL form - but I can get the SR in generic, so its alot cheaper!
I agree with GLSheridan...if you really want to take something, go with a low-dose Prozac. I think the lower the dose, the fewer the side effects will bother you, like wanting to eat more. If you want to take the Sarafem product, I think you only take it for one week or so, not every day. It would be worth a try, but I've never had any luck with any SSRI's. I've found if I have really bad PMS, a Xanax really helps...but I don't know if your doctor would be willing to go in that direction.
I've been taking Paxil since 2001. I haven't had any complaints about it, but I'm not sure if it has caused any weight gain since I was just diagnosed with insulin resistance/PCOS so even though I have gained weight i don't know what the cause has been.

I've never taken Prozac, but I thought I would offer a viewpoint from a Paxil taker. It helps my social anxiety a lot. It's generic now too, which helps a lot.
I have several friends that were on Celexa and it did the same thing to them too. Plus - Celexa has some of the same components as Lexapro. Maybe your doctor will give you samples of Prozac and let you try them to see how it works, before ever getting a full prescription.