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Hello everyone!
I recently had a lymes blood test and it showed 4 bands. I'm not real sure what these numbers mean--58, 41, 36, 34. Does anyone know if any of these bands are positive? I'm thinking the 34 and 41, from what I have read, could be positive bands. The interpretation of the test said I either had (1) a past infection with b. burgdorferi treated early in its course or (2) in an untreated patient, no evidence of infection with B. burgdorferi. It sounds like two totally different diagnosis to me. I actually had been taking amoxicillan, penicillan, and keflex abx. right after suspicion of lymes because I had a tooth abcess and infection with an extraction of a tooth. So, at three different times, before taking the lymes test I was treated with alot of abx. After taking the lymes test about 2 months later, my doctor put me on 200mg of doxycycline per day. But she said she didn't know if I 'really' had lymes or not, she just put me on a low dose of doxy, just in case. I am wondering if my lymes test didn't show as positive because I was treated with abx right before my testing? I am wondering if I've taken enough abx and the correct kind? I did feel better by the time I got the lymes test, but it seems to be coming back, with alot of other symptoms since I've been on the doxy. (loud buzzing in my ears constantly, ear infections--alot of pain in my ears, knee & hip pain, chest pain, etc.) My doctors think I am nuts, but I really think I had lymes. I was using a cane to walk around with in June-July cause my pain was so unbearable in my knees and hips. (and I'm only 39!) I have read so many horror stories online about people having lymes, thinking they were cured, and then it comes back later cause they didn't get the right treatment. At this point my doctor says I can stop the doxy, but I have only taken it for 3 weeks. She thinks I am fine and when I asked her about my joint pain and my other symptoms including my ears, she said she had a busy schedule that day and didn't have time to go over it with me! :nono: She thinks I'm a hypochondriac and put me on prozac! I really think the prozac is helping me so I don't mind that she thinks I'm nuts. The doctors have been so rude to me, I usually leave their offices in tears. (including a rheumatologist who was the worse!) All I want is to be treated and get this over with. If anyone would happen to know about my band numbers of 58, 41, 36 and 34, I would appreciate the information SO MUCH!! You guys are all so helpful, I love reading these boards. :bouncing: