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Hi everyone, my name is Emily and I need some advice. I've been dealing with depression for a long time and about three months ago I started having panic attacks (they started getting really bad when my doc upped my dose of imipramine). I spent a night in the hospital my heart was beating so fast and I was panicking so badly. Since I stopped my medication, the really bad panic attacks have gone away, but I'm so anxious and scared about everything I can barely function. I'm scared to be left alone because I'm afraid I'll get sick or die and no one will be there to help me. I freak out when I'm with groups of people. Sometimes I panic when I'm in stores. It's literally driving me crazy.

I want to talk to my doctor about taking medication again, but I've had serious problems with two of the numerous medications I've taken (Effexor and Imipramine. I tried Prozac and Zoloft but they didn't work). Can anyone recommend a medication that is safe? Thanks. :(