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I was on prozac weekly and the side effects were awful. After 3 months of this and my dr. not really paying any attention, I was visiting with my chiropractor and she said that my symptoms were all because I was getting WAY to much. Talked with Dr. and she put me on 10 mg./day. am taking it every other day and doing pretty well. Why do we have to deal with "no feelings" when we are wanting to just feel better. Talk to your dr. about dosage or something that isn't so disabling. Good luck ~
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Ya, on celexa I get really tired.
What other ones are more stimulating?

Prozac is the most activating or stimulating of the SSRI's. Zoloft is next on the list with Paxil right behind it. Celexa is supposed to be more activating than Paxil but in my experience I found the complete opposite. Effexor is FDA approved for an anxiety disorder also so you can try that. Talk with your doctor. I found Lexapro to be much less effective than any of the antidepressants i mentioned above. If you have Panic Disorder be extra careful with Wellbutrin and even Prozac. These two meds are extremely stimulating and may cause more frequent and more intense panic attacks. I was never actually on Celexa but i was on Lexapro which is practically the same thing (Lexapro is an isomer of Celexa which is like half of what Celexa is made of which is supposed to help with the side effects).

My own personal experience, Paxil worked best for me at one time and i would like to go back on that med. It was most effective for my panic attacks.