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Hello, I was just wanting to post a message asking if anyone know whats wrong with me. I'm having a huge problem with my anxiety and depression. I can't ever think of the right words to say when I speak and for instants when I'm typing this message my head has just gone blank. I have recently been on Paxil Cr for 2 weeks, then to Lexapro, and then Prozac. I'm a benzo called Lorazepam for my anxiety but a couple of weeks ago I had taken a large amount of them just to see if I would get some sort of a high. I know that I have done wrong by doing that but I think that it has really messed my brain up for good cause I never know what to talk about and think of words to say. Anyone with any advice on what could be wrong with me, why my head is so blank and why I can't speak to even my mom without concentrating real hard on the words to be spoke. Thanks
The longest I have been on a med would probably be about 3 weeks and that was Paxil Cr. I'm giving Prozac a shot because I was doing alot of reading on Paxil and found out that it may make me gain weight so I decided to stop it. I just got over losing 15 pounds from Zyprexa so I didn't want anything that would make gain weight. Yeah my head is just so fuzzy that its hard for me to even type down this message because everything I seem to type doesn't sound right and it took me along time just to figure want to say and how to type it. So weird! I hate feeling like this just want it all to go away. This will be my 9th day on Prozac and Lamictal. Still haven't felt any different but hopefully that will all change. I been the in the house for 3 days straight and thats beginning annoy me. The only reason I haven't been out is because I am shy on what others might think of me when I give a appearance. Thanks for reposting on my question. :)
Thank you for responding. It sure does make you feel alittle bit better when you hear that there is other people suffering with the same problems. I sure hope and pray that this feeling will go away soon! Because its literally destroying my life. I'm a 20 year old male that sets at home while his mom goes out and works {REMOVED} and I can't do nothing do to my disorder. I swear to holy god it isn't me being lazy I tell her and I am saying right now It's not that at all! Just the fear of being around people and talking with the unknown about things and while at a job site I remember I was told to do a certain task and I abosolutlely forgot about how I was suppose to do it, just when the instructor person just got done telling me it 2 times. I don't know but I just hope and pray this Prozac is my calling card that I have free life line infinite minutes with to make my life a exciting one.