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Hi all,
Delighted to have found this website. Its so lovely to help and be helped! I am 20 years old and I had my first anxiety attack about 8 weeks ago but just put it down to a bad hangover. then another one 2 weeks later, yet again a bad hangover. i then started fearing things for the first time, like elevators, traffic, busy or enclosed spaces and started seeing a counsellor.my doctor also referred me to a cardiologist thinking i had heart palpitations. had all the tests done, echoes, wore the event monitor for 2 weeks, was put on beta blockers and everything was clear so came off the medication and was sent on my merry way. continued on as normal, worked all week, partyed at weekends. then one day i had several anxiety attacks in one day. i just couldn't relax so took 2 valuum and a xanex. woke up at 2am convinced i had overdosed and needed a hospital so my father drove me straight into the hospital where they checked my heart,lungs, took blood etc and told me i was hyperventaliating and to breathe into a paper bag in future. naturally i thought I had lost the plot. so my doctor put me on Prozac. I took it for about 8 days and decided I didn't want to be on that kind of medication. There is a problem that needs to be addressed in my head and thats what i'll do. i think prozac is there to dampen/ignore the problem and shut it up. i've started changing my diet and taking better care of myself. I have also started taking Ayur Vedic medicine which is all natural and full of herbs which are very beneficial. Going to New Zealand in March with my friends for a year (I live in Ireland) so I also need to develop my own support system so as not to be dependent on my family or medication. I have anxiety - anxiety doesn't have me. Its very difficult to train myself to think that I'm not dying or that if I enter a multi-storey car park that its not going to collapse ontop of me! but hey-sometimes life is difficult.
Your alive, so start living.
Onward and upward.
would love to hear from any of ye.