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Sounds a lot like my story. I have been feeling exactly the same as you. For the last 9 months or so I have been mostly sleeping. I sleep for 12 hours and even then I do not want to get out of bed. I am not looking forward to Christmas or much of anything. It's not me either. I have always been motivated and pretty sponky actually. That part of me has been gone for a while now so I totally understand how you feel. I was just put on Wellbutrin XL and Tuesday was my first day. I am not really feeling any better emotionally but I don't seem to want to sleep as much like I used to. I take it in the morning around 8am and go back to sleep and by 9am it wakes me up and I actually feel like getting out of bed. I did have an emotional break down last night though. I couldn't believe it when you said that in your mail because I cried myself to sleep last night too. My eyes are all puffy and sore today now. From what I hear the Wellbutrin should have worked for you by 8 weeks if it was going to. My suggestion would be to try a different one now. That is what I am going to do if it doesn't help me a lot by the 8 week point. Everyone is different in how they react to medication. Try not to give up. I know it's hard. See if you can have them put you on a different anti-depressant. My doctor suggested that I go on Wellbutrin XL and prozac. I told him I would just try the Wellbutrin by itself first. If it doesn't work then I will do a combo like he suggested. Maybe you could try that.