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I am 51 also and just hit my one-year mark with no periods, so I am considered menopausal now. I was hit hard with all that mess last year too, but I got on Lexapro and that changed everything. I had gotten depressed, anxious, couldn't sleep for having to get up numerous times during the night, hot flashes, night sweats - the whole nine yards! As soon as I started taking it ALL of that went away. :bouncing:

Little, I know women like yourself who are on an antidepressant and pretty much just breezed through peri/meno.

The women that I know have been on antidepressants before the perimenopause/menopause years. One person stated that she thinks being on Prozac for many years for anxiety disorder prevented her from having a rough time going through menopause like other women. It's interesting that this women developed anxiety disorder during her pregnancy. Hmmm...makes me wonder if hormone imbalance could be part of the reason why so many women have anxiety disorder.

Anyway, two other women (one on Paxil and I think the other one took Prozac) just stopped having periods without any incidents.

A co-worker of mine has been taking Effexor for many years and she did not have any hormonal issues going through peri/meno...meanwhile her sister had a challenging time like many of us at this site. Her sister took Paxil for a little while, stopped when she felt better, and then relapsed. Last I heard she was only taking an antianxiety med.

My point :rolleyes: ...I don't really have one :D, it's definitely not one pill fits all :) ...but I just found it interesting that these women who started on an antidepressant before peri/meno seem to sail through these years with minimum discomfort.