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Have you researched PMDD, pre menstral dysphoric disorder? Sorry if it's not spelled correctly, I have some depression/anxiety issues for years and I've just now linked it to my periods. I get extremealy irritable and anxiety ridden before my period, I also get diarreah and stomach upset. Before i had my baby they tried to diagnose me with chrons diseases and IBS, I had a laperscopy done and I had endo on my bowels causing me to have the diareah around my period. They cleaned up the endo and i was fine for a couple years, then I just had a baby last may. Now I feel the endo may be coming back. I can't take hormones because I'm already an emotional person and i don't handle mood swings well, I hear that after three months of being on a b/c pill you adjust and the mood swings goes away but I have other issues in my life such as money and school and career issues that I can't afford to loose three months of my life to being godzilla. so now I'm thinking of going with a copper IUD for B/C because is has no hormones and then I'm also taking prozac every day and then xannax as needed for the irritablity/anxiety durring my period and the time before my period. I've tried others before like zoloft, effexor xr, celexa, and welbutrin. I must say the effexor helps alot with physical pain, it helps with norepinehrine, which is a chemical in the brain that helps with pain. My doc says that zoloft and prozac are the only two right now approved for PMDD. the zoloft made me feel like a zombie and it took me till noon every day to wak up. but that was only after I got on the max dose of 200mg after I had my baby and had postpartum depression, so then I tried effexor, great for energy and phyiscal pain, but did nothing for my anxiety or irritablity, so the doc says it's okay for some to be on two anti-deprsants at a time, lots of people are starting this combo, they all work differently, just like b/c pills, the prozac took six weeks to get into my blood stream but it's working for me! I took a huge step and just gave two weeks notice to a place I worked for seven years that I hated but stayed for the $ and the benefits for my family, after the prozac kicked in I'm so calm about this huge career change in my life that I've wanted to do for four years and it's all falling into place. My life is coming to gether after five years of hell! What i plan on doing is staying on the prozac and taking the effexor durring my PMDD phases for the menstral and physcial pain with PMS and just keep on the prozac regularly and then xannax as needed. It took me almost five to seven years to find out what meds finally worked for me and what my real problem was, as I never believed I had true depression, I just had unberrable mood swings. sorry this is so long but after five years I'm finally on the right track. All those years the docs didn't want to give me prozac cause it takes so long to build up in your blood stream, or it's an old school drug and they want to try the new stuff, whatever, whatever, actully I never asked for prozac, I felt it was the dinasore of anti-depressants. No wonder it's been on the market so long and is one of the only SSRI's approved for children; so what does that tell you about it? Good luck I hope you find the right combination of hormones/ non-hormones or whatever action you decide to take!