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Hey Molly,

Thats great you feel better taking paxil. Always excited to read when someone gets a med that actually helps them. Sure is nice to know theres help.

My doctor hasn't said anything about the heart beat problem. I might mention it to him again. I eat a lot of sugar. He had said caffine can cause it. I don't drink coffee and all and drink decaf tea. Its not there all the time comes and goes so for me to get him to hear the beat I might not be able to.

I have heard of paxil for PMS or it might have been Prozac. I just haven't tried to get an antidepressant. Truth is I haven't had to much luck taking many medications. I have and inner ear disease that gives me problems with dizziness and tinnitus and sometimes meds aggravate it. So I tend to be overly leary. Still I probably should give something a try it might be a good thing after all.