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Wow truly amazing how they can even affect your thyroid, anyway I have hypothyroid/hashimotos, and havent been on meds for quite a while even though i asked my medical doc for prozac, and antidepressants i never took them,because i was scared of having to take the for life, i really wish i could find a miracle pill-but then again dont we all, I want to take teh celexa i have at hoe but i a not sure f tha will help my anxiety since i am just pretty anxious, when i am not anxious i am fine, no depression at all, but now i have to fure out how to stop the xanax, i wont take it over the weekend to see if i can stop them for good, wish me luck

By the way teh synthroid makes my acid reflux worst, seems like after i started it a few years ago my acid has been horific, it causes that in some people aghh