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Currently i take 80 of prozac which is doing relaly good for my depression/ocd. However recently my shrink perscribed me loranzapam for social situations. He told me to take it as needed and not abuse it or make the use daily. Just curious have any of you done this? Can this drug relaly help with people who have social anxiety issues ?
it will help you a lot
you are on the max of prozac and maybe should think of asking psych about swapping to another antidepressant or adding a second one
Hi there, I take Lorazapam for my panic disorder only as needed and indeed it helps me stay calm during social situations this one works well for me but ya just keep in mind not to rely on it for everything and save it for those "special occasions" ha! (a joke I have for me) I also take Lexapro which I think really helps with my anxiety/panic disorder. Hope the Prozac helps if not try something else! Take care Jules. :)