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Hi Chris-
I didnt think that I had trouble with PMS but lately I think that i do.....last week i felt AWFUL and it was the week before my period....i usually start feeling better (mood and energy wise) about a day or two after it starts.....I know that some people take Serafem (prozac i think) only during their period....which confuses me because i thought that most AD's have to build before you get an effect.....oh well.....i want to try that waking to the sunlight (but can only do it on my days off!) it makes a lot of sense......hope all continues to go well.....am seeing the psych this thurs so i will keep you posted......
hope all is well!
Hi Sadie

Actually, I think I read somewhere that Buspar is used for PMS too. Let me know how that works for you. I know what you mean about the Prozac being used for PMS, I thought the same thing, but Prozac has such a long half life (like a week) that it probably is in your system all the time and is just increased during PMS. I do this with the Cymbalta during PMS.

Keep me posted.