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Hi everyone Im new Here nice to meet you all!

Im very worried about my mother she has things wrong with her but will not tell the Dr becuse she dose not want to find out anything. Her sugar has gone up into the 300s and she dose not want to tell the dr becuse she dosent want to take shots again. She is haveing a hard time walking, she wont tell the dr becuse she dosent want to have clogged artery sergery again.
The thing im worried about is she is becomeing very depressed she is on prozac and it dosent help, she crys all the time, also she walks around the house humming to herself and saying random words. Also she cant stand to be around her family but she will tell strangers in the mall her whole life story. I wrote the dr a note becuse she will not let me in with her to see him but im not sure if that will do anything.
dose anyone recognize this? Or dose anyone have anyone advice for me?