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Stacy- I appreciate you respecting my opinion. :D I just wanted to further add comments on the OCD thing. I didn't say in my first post, but I've been a sufferer from OCD all of my life and don't be fooled- it can be extremely debilitating. I know that I couldn't survive without medication, and even though I still may obsess three hours a day on Prozac, imagine how many hours I would obsess if I didn't take it or go to CBT. And as for my other anxiety disorders, I've lived with panic attacks and worry for 15 years, since age 3, and the only way that I can literally deal in extreme situations is by popping a Klonopin...As for over-diagnosis of mental illness and little hesitation to start people on psychiatric medications today, I DO agree with you on that one, but the ignorant doctors who think everyone who walks in their office has ADHD or bipolar disorder are to blame- they're only adding to the misconceptions about psychiatric disorders. Oh, and SuchGreatHeights, I totally agree with you on the environmental factor, but you said the key thing- if the genetics weren't there, the environmental trigger wouldn't cause the mental illness... :angel: