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Anyone have this combo? Is it common for people with anxiety to have attention deficiet disorder? Because my GP thinks i might have this but is not sure... like i all my life i've had trouble concentrating and my mind wonders off verryyyy easily! and i sometimes just blank out when people are talking. And it takes me so much more effort to do well in school. (I'm 21yr old female). Like i'm getting good grades but i'll like start projects a month before its due while other are like doing it the day before. Well anyways the doctor (GP) prescribed me prozac. Does prozac help in concentration???

Any replies will be much appriaciated!! thank you!
prozac mayt help for both problems, going blank may be from derealisation, read up about this on the net
prozac and all other antidepressants take 2 to 6 weeks to work properly